The Certification Processes

Included in your enrollment in the Modern Mystery School is a certification program. In this program, you'll learn the Alchemical Therapeutics of the Chakras. C'mon, how awesome is that gonna look on your business card! 😎

This helps you maximize your spiritual career plans and offers you an incredibly unique, intuitive and powerful healing tool that clients will keep coming back for!

In order to be eligible for certification in the course: Alchemy of the Chakras, you must complete 100% of the course material and workbooks. Once complete, here is the final process for certification (more details are given in the course materials):

Certification Requirements for Alchemy of the Chakras:

  • Complete 100% of the coursework (watch all the videos, read all the content)
  • Complete 100% of the workbooks (answer all the questions thoroughly)
  • Complete a case study and submit it for review

To submit your case study:

  • Make sure that the first two requirements are complete: 100% of coursework and workbooks finished
  • Choose a trusted friend or loved one (someone who doesn't mind giving you constructive feedback!) and offer them a 1 hour Chakra Therapeutic practice session with you
    • Let them know this is your case study session, and at the end of the session, they will be required to fill out a brief survey about their experience
  • During the session, make notes for yourself about the questions you ask, what you learn, and what you do with them during your time together
  • At the end of the session, please ask the client to fill out this survey:
    • This survey is anonymous for the client. They will identify you by name so that we know they did the session with you!
    • They do not need to share any personal information they do not feel comfortable sharing
  • Compile your case study in a google doc. Include the following information:
    • Age range, gender identification, and name (you can use an alias, if you prefer) of your client
    • What questions did you ask? What answers did you get?
    • What were you surprised to learn about your client during the initial interview?
    • How did the chakra meditation go? What were their and your insights?
    • Outline your session plan. What did you do with them and why did you choose those activities?
    • Which chakra(s) did you address specifically in this session?
    • What tips and tools did you teach the student to empower them on a daily basis?
    • Final thoughts, comments, and insights about the client and the session
  • Share the google doc with our Mystics Mentors at: [email protected]
  • Send the Mystics Mentors an email to let them know the google doc and google form is ready to review!

*You must satisfactorily present your information to the Mystics Mentors in the case study to qualify for certification. If for some reason you do not pass the first time, you will get an opportunity to resubmit and try again. Completion of the case study does not guarantee certification. Competency, core knowledge, and delivery is what guarantees certification.

✨ When all requirements are satisfied, I will send you a Certificate asserting your status as a ✨

✨ Certified in Alchemy of the Chakra Therapeutics! ✨

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