Getting the Most Out of Your Spiritual Education

As a part of your membership on the Modern Mystery School, you have access to over 150 hours of higher education in spirituality across 6 courses, including one professional certification program.

It may seem overwhelming...where to begin!

Let's organize your learning strategy so you get the most out of your time in this membership.

Here are a couple of learning plans for you to choose from. Pick the one that sounds closest to your goals and your style of learning. Of course, you're also welcome to make up your own plan and break all the rules!

No matter which path you take – remember, the mystical road is your own. You get to direct your learning and your intensity. In order to get the most out of your time here in the Modern Mystery School, plan on spending about 10 - 12 months with me. That allows you enough time to immerse yourself in all the courses and complete them in a timely manner.

The Browsing Mystic:

The Browsing Mystic is here because you want to explore spirituality and love #allthethings. You probably have a (semi-)regular yoga practice, ask friends what their signs are, read horoscopes, play with crystals...and meditate. You have come to the right place! Here is your learning plan:

  • Begin with Connect with Your Spirit Guides ... there is some great info in here that will get you started on the right foot
  • Challenge yourself to build a daily practice with the Total Transformation: Bootcamp for the Soul
  • Start your astrology studies with the Astro Newbie course. It'll be the beginning of a beautiful spiritual friendship
  • Have a little fun by exploring the Myths of Yoga
  • Deepen your spiritual self-study with Alchemy of the Chakras
  • You can compliment the chakras by following it up with the Yoga Beyond the Mat course (and reading the book!)...those two courses both pull from the pages of my latest book.

Course Plan Completion: 8 - 10 months

The Beginning Mystic:

As The Beginning Mystic, you are probably new to all this spirituality stuff. Have no fear. During your time here in the Modern Mystery School, you will develop an unparalleled expertise in all things mystical. We'll set you off on the right foot by taking a slower, yet deliberate course through By the end, you'll be a well-rounded yoga and spiritual practitioner, with two skill sets you can parley into a burgeoning spiritual career!

  • Introduce yourself to the power of a daily spiritual practice with Total Transformation: Bootcamp for your Soul
  • Take it up a notch by immersing yourself in yoga and ritual with Yoga Beyond the Mat (and read the book!)
  • Knowledge from those first two courses segue perfectly into Alchemy of the Chakras...where you learn self-healing, as well as how to heal others
  • The next obvious way to enhance your yoga is by learning the Myths of Yoga
  • In which case, your next step is to Connect with Your Spirit Guides
  • And, now, you're ready to start your path as an astrologer with the Astro Newbie course

Course Plan Completion: 10 - 12 months

The Serious Mystic:

You mean business. Literally. As The Serious Mystic, you are probably a yoga instructor, spiritual thought leader, or otherwise engaged in mysticism-as-profession. I'm glad you're here. Enrollment in this school is about to take you professional spiritual endeavors up a notch...not to mention your own personal practice and self-knowledge. You'll walk out of here with therapeutic skills to round out your yoga classes and a new skill set to add to your spiritual career and lifestyle.

  • Get your foundations by taking the Total Transformation course alongside the Astro Newbie course. Two disciplines, but you can handle it
  • Move from there into the Yoga Beyond the Mat Course and the Myths of Yoga course, developing your yoga practice to the next level
  • Begin the Alchemy of the Chakras course (you'll learn how to heal yourself and others...awesome!)
  • Top it off by learning how to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Course Plan Completion: 7 - 9 months

The Kamikaze Mystic:

For you, The Kamikaze Mystic: There are no rules, only exceptions. You are the dabbler, the wanderer, the spiritual seeker. But, with the Modern Mystery School, you have found what you're looking for. Stay here. Browse around. Jump from course to course. There isn't a "plan" for you, per se. You don't like to be boxed in. Have no fear, all the courses are available for you at any time. But, in order to not get overwhelmed and too off track, I do recommend browsing through the courses in groups. This allows you to see the through line, connect the information, and get the most out of your enrollment.

  • Start with the yoga bundle of courses: Total Transformation, Yoga Beyond the Mat, and Myths of Yoga (this trinity of courses will knock your yoga socks off)
  • Move into the spiritually based courses: Alchemy of the Chakras, and Connect with Your Spirit Guide
  • Get your astrology on in the Astro Newbie course, which is the perfect compliment you never thought of to all your spiritual practices

Course Plan Completion: 6 - 12 months

No matter which learning plan you choose, you will find everything you need to deepen your spiritual practice and develop your mystical career right here in the Modern Mystery School.

*Remember, if you fall in love with the course, and want to keep it and accompanying materials forever, you can purchase the courses individually and ensure forever-access.

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