Everything you need to know about joining the Modern Mystic Community

Welcome to the School for Mystics

Hello, Modern Mystic!

I'm incredibly excited that you've decided to join me here in the School for Mystics. This represents a significant step in your spiritual journey. With access to more than 150 hours of training across 6 courses (and growing!), you have the potential to explore every corner of your spiritual practice, deepen your soul connection, and develop new career (and neural) pathways in your life.

Throughout your time with me here in the School for Mystics, I am here for you.

My perennial commitment is always to give you everything you need for your spiritual practice!

As you journey through the courses and learn new techniques, tools, and insights, I hope that you'll interact with me and the tribe of Modern Mystics in the following ways:

  • Post on the walls of any of the lectures
  • Join us in the private, members-only Campus site where I hold office hours and do Live lectures
  • Respond to any email I send you with questions or thoughts on your process

Because email is such an important way in which I communicate with you, please make sure all emails I send you end up in your inbox (and not dreaded junk mail!) by marking my email safe, dragging it to your inbox, or white-listing it within your email provider.

Thank you for being an invaluable part of the community! I'm so grateful you're here!


Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D.

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