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The hub for modern day yogis spiritual leaders who understand the power and potential of taking this practice to a higher level.

Lead by The Yoga Doctor, Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D.

Connect with the teacher’s teacher, one who created teacher training programs for the top studios in the US, wrote three popular books on yoga, earned recognition as the top 20 teacher under 40 by Yoga Journal, and challenged and changed the yoga industry for almost two decades.

Discover why thousands of yogis have sought out her knowledge and wisdom for training and higher education in the field of yoga.


6 Pillars of Passion + Practice

Every month, you receive new lectures, recordings, and content within each pillar:

  1. Yoga...Beyond the Mat: You know yoga is bigger than asana. While there are more than enough resources out there on how to do triangle pose, we focus on the alignment of the spirit and soul. This pillar brings you higher education on topics such as: ritual, alchemy, chakras, yoga psychology, philosophy, and lasting transformation for the modern day yogi.
  2. Myth of the Month: Mythology is an overlooked tool of connection and joy. Through myth we understand ourselves and others in more profound ways. As students, myth connects us to the most joyful source within. As teachers, myth is a tool to teach students how to look past their belief systems and realize wholeness. This pillar brings you higher education on the mythology of yoga, and each month you receive a new myth to live by.
  3. Mantras + Meditation: The oldest practices of yoga are not asana and sun salutations, but mantras and meditation. Explore the true foundations of the practice and let them reveal what yoga is truly capable of creating for you. This pillar brings you higher education on different methods of meditation that work for the modern day practitioner, and mantras that provide relevance and power for spiritual transformation.
  4. Teacher’s Tune-Up: Whether you are a teacher or aspire to be one, understanding the key skills, knowledge, and techniques of the most exemplary yoga teachers allows you to unlock yoga’s true gifts and create success within your spiritual practice. This pillar brings you higher education on topics that help you change the game as a yoga teacher, differentiate yourself as a modern day spiritual leader, and grow your spiritual business.
  5. Modern Mystic Musings: To be a yogi today means to be a modern mystic. In the vein of mystery schools of old, we endeavor to bring together the most relevant spiritual, psychological, and mystical practices for modern people. Yoga itself is wonderful, but incomplete as a total transformational tool. This pillar brings you higher education on modern mysticism so you complete the puzzle of transformations with a variety of tools and skills that unlock your greatest potential.
  6. Stepping Into Spiritual Leadership: We are being called into our post as spiritual leaders. We know this by the questions our students, clients, and friends ask us. They look to us for guidance, they want to understand the profound questions of the heart and soul, they want communion throughout life’s trials and challenges, and they need us to show them the way. We do this when we understand the responsibility of spiritual leaders and how to step into that role. This pillar brings your higher education on the essential role of a spiritual leader, and elevates the yoga teacher to this post with necessary training and support.

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Our work is to go beyond the basics, to raise the bar on the standards we set for ourselves as yogis, and to explore the potential of what it means to be a spiritual leader and modern mystic in today’s demanding world.

Whether a teacher, or a passionate student, what you find here will enthrall and inspire you to take the next steps in discovering the true power of yoga: it’s ability to unify all the parts of ourselves and reveal to us our inherent wholeness.

This is not a place to merely touch your toes.
It’s a place to touch your soul.

And, to commune with others who have a deep desire to take their yoga beyond the mat, and into their everyday lives...so that yoga becomes your new normal.

Welcome to the movement. We are so glad you are a part of this community!